19/02/2014 – Tree of Life at Samutthana


We had a lovely, relaxed Tree of Life session this morning at Samutthana. Volunteers, counsellors and one guest who came along for the ride (shout out to Louise’s dad!), spent the morning learning and practicing this narrative therapeutic technique, and discussing how it might be used in various contexts in Sri Lanka. It allowed us to reflect on our clients’ experiences and gave us a chance to consider our own narratives and where we ‘are’ currently in our own lives.

The rest of the day was spent prepping for two days of teaching at the University of Colombo. Tomorrow we’ll be welcoming the latest cohort of future clinical psychologists onto the MPhil in Clinical Psychology. We can remember how we felt almost four years ago, during our own beginnings at Royal Holloway – our thoughts are with the apprehensive students tonight!

Today also marked my (Jennie’s) last day at the Samutthana office. I cannot say thank you enough to the team, Dushy, Vino, Vijita, Anne and Duminda, and will miss you all greatly.

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