20-21/02/2014 – beginnings and endings


Over the last two days, we have been welcoming in the latest cohort of trainee clinical psychologists for the whole of Sri Lanka. We have had the privilege to meet the eight new students starting the MPhil in Clinical Psychology at the University of Colombo, and have delivered introductory teaching on: the role of Clinical Psychology; clinical skills (verbal and non-verbal); ethical and professional practice; and assessment. 

Seeing the new trainees made us reflect on our own start of the DClinPsy just over three years ago – it’s hard to believe that training went so quickly. We wish the new cohort all the best over the next two years and hope that Samutthana can continue to support their development.

As one journey starts, another one ends. Jennie did her last day of teaching today and is now officially on holiday! She will miss everyone at Samutthana and has had an incredible experience here in Sri Lanka that has helped her feel much better-prepared for returning to work in London this March. Thank you and good luck to all the other Samutthana volunteers. 


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